Date Posted
2nd Aug 2020

Track Open!

This is to let you know:Kartsport Whangarei Track is open again!!!
A special and huge THANK YOU to the few faithful that came to help getting the tracks flood damage sorted - so that our track can be opened again!!!Time and again - where would the club be without your input. So once again - a sincere thank you one and all.Also, please be advised that the gate, track and toilet code has now been changed. Current members (yes, the once that have now paid up) will be advised of the change in a separate email!Everybody else - be great if you can join us for another year - unfortunately you will have to pay your membership for that privilege.
Next weekend, August the 9th is our next club race day. In addition to that - we are hoping to have a few visitor by members of the Vintage Kart Club. Some of them might be here on Saturday as well - so please - being visitor - look after them - and accord them some of our Northland hospitality that we pride ourselves on.