Track Usage Policy

                                                                       Please note....

                                                                          On non race days the track is available for use

                                                                                                from 10am  until  5pm

                                                                      to members that have paid their Annual Membership Fee.

                                                                        Strictly NO engine running before 10am and after 5pm


                                                                                 Please inspect the track prior to driving on it!!

                                                                       The track is closed:

                                                                                               - on Christmas Day and

                                                                                               - on New Year's Day

                                                                                               - a full 7 days after any race day (club or otherwise)

                                                                                               - when directed by the committee


Terms and Conditions

I intend to race at the  KartSport Whangarei Inc. race track and I agree that at all times I shall abide by the Rules of the Club and those of KartSport New Zealand. 

I also agree that I shall at all times abide by the instructions and directions of the Race Officials including Club Stewards and KartSport New Zealand Officials. 

I agree that information entered on the Entry form may be kept on file for club use. 


I hereby agree to indemnify the associations known as the CIK, the MSNZ and KartSport New Zealand, KartSport Whangarei Inc., the Whangarei District Council, all sponsors, and all or any member, officials or assistants, of any of the above named or known organisations, against any injury or accident to myself or damage to any kart or equipment, whether in practice or in competition. 

I also agree that I must never practice or race or test my kart at any time that there are no other persons 18 years or over present at the Kart Track.

Standard Supplementary Rules for KartSport Whangarei

Whilst using track for practice or testing you must keep the gate from Austin Road to the compound closed.

Effective from 1st January 2015 any person that drives a race kart on the WRB Karting Raceway track must either have a Competition Licence, Vintage Kart Licence or a Practice Licence issued by KartSport New Zealand, unless there is an organised "Have A Go" event.

The signposted "Engine Warm Up Area" must be used for all engine warm-up runs. Kart engines must not be run in the Pit Area, the car park or any other place other than on the track.

Starter Motors must not be left lying on the ground around or on the Dummy Grid. They must be stored beside the Pit Marshal's Shelter when not in use.



Only fully paid up members of the KartSport Whangarei Club can use the track and associated facilities at no extra cost.

All other persons that use the track or go with you to the track to drive a race kart must have a current Competition Licence, Vintage Kart Licence or a Practice Licence and need to pay $20 per person for every practice day.


Non-members must read and email the indemnity form on the right and pay the appropriate fee.

                                                                                                Click document on the right to enlarge!


The KartSport Whangarei safety rules for using the track for practice and testing:

(Updated on September 2019)

  1. Do not drive on the track when you are alone. One additional person 18 years or over must be present. 
  2. All karts must comply with current KartSport NZ rules and must travel in the same direction. 
  3. All driver's who are not club members must have emailed the indemnity form. 
  4. Mixed age group practise is not permitted. 
  5. Karts are not permitted to re-enter the pits area via the dummy grid. Driving in the pits is not permitted. 
  6. Drivers must wear approved racing gear at all times when operating a kart. 
  7. All karts must comply with KartSport NZ noise regulations. No kart engine can be run before 10 a.m. or after 5 p.m. 
  8. When the majority of those at the track agree the direction of travel may be in reverse direction.  (anti-clockwise)
  9. Karts must be pulled well clear of the circuit if a breakdown occurs. They must not be left where they present a hazard to other karts. 
  10. No trolleys or recovery vehicles are allowed on the track area when there are karts being driven. 
  11. The chain barrier across the track must be removed before driving on the track and it must be replaced after use of the track. 

Please note:

  1. All air cooled engines EXCEPT Raket 85 and Raket 120 must have at least two complete rows of purpose built noise suppression rubbers, heat silicon cord or silicon sealant fitted to the fins. 
  2. Cars, Utes and other vehicles are not permitted onto the track unless specifically there for carrying out maintenance of the track or grounds.
  3. Drivers are responsible for their Pit Crew's actions. 
  4. Please ensure your pit space is clean and tidy when vacating.