Trophies from the Past


This historic cup was contested for between 1961 and 1974. At that time there were several dirt track racing circuits in Northland. Whangarei is the only club to survive from that era.

From 2009 through to 2012 this important cup from the past was used for the Club Sport 120 Class inter club challenge between KartSport Eastern Bay Of Plenty and KartSport Whangarei.

Clubs that have held this cup:
1961 Northland Mini-Cart Club 
1966 Whangarei Amateur Kart Club
1971 Wellsford Amateur Go-Kart Club 
1972 North Shore Go Kart Club
1974 Whangarei Amateur Kart Club
 2009 KartSport Whangarei
2010 KartSport Whangarei
2011 KartSport Whangarei
2012 KartSport Eastern Bay Of Plenty


Was first issued for Go-Kart Racing  in 1968 and was used up until 2000.

As at September 2010, it is not known what class of Kart was driven for the period from 1968 to 1979. Anyone with information on this please contact the Site's Webmaster. 

From 1985 to 1990 the class of kart was 125cc Gearbox. 

From 1994 to 2000 the trophy was awarded to the Midget Class Club Champions. After 2000 the trophy has not been awarded as the Midget Class no longer exists as a race class at Whangarei.

List of Names:
1968-70: M. Herman 
1971: R. Shaw
1972: G. Allen
1973-74: G. Ward 
1975: G. Trass 
1976: C. Cameron
1977: John Scott 
1978: M. Moselen
1979: N. Ball
1985-86: Murray McLean
1988: Mike Greenfield
1990: S. Johns
1994-96: Ashley Johnson 
1997: Rory Garden
1998: Richard Adams 
1999: Scott Harrison 
2000: Richard Adams 


This cup has names shown from 1959 to 2011 for the club member that accumulated the most points in the year from competing at our race track.

List of Names: 
1959-60: B. Schick  
1960-61: J. Chapman & C. Mansell
1961-62: J. Chapman
1967: R. Webb 
1968: M. Herman 
1969-70: G. Lewis 
1971: R. Shaw & B. McLean
1972: R. Shaw
1973-74: G. Ward
1975: R. Young
1976: D. Drake 
1977-78: M. Mathers
1979: P. Baines
1980: D. Ferris
1985: P. Roughton 
1986: R. McKay 
1987: D. Mouldey 
1988: J. Thorburn
1989: H. Bootten 
1990: J. Thorburn
1991: S. King
1994-95: S. Lowry
1996: S. King
1997: H. Brljevich 
1998: Richard Adams
1999: Dan Smith & Scott Harrison 
2000-02: Marcus Bullen
2003: Phillip Courtier
2004-2009 Not Issued
2010-11: Richard Macey